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Britespan Launches Seventh Building Series & Opens New Facility

August 24th, 2016 by Britespan Building Systems Inc. No Comments
Britespan Building Systems Inc. (Britespan) has launched their seventh building series, the Rigid Beam building series, to the fabric building market. Britespan is now the only company in the fabric building industry to offer a complete product line to the market, engineering and manufacturing the widest line up of building profiles, as well as both a webbed truss building solution and an I-beam building solution.

The Rigid Beam series is an I-beam style truss building that is completely customizable and allows Britespan to build structures up to 300’ wide, totally free span. It is an excellent building solution for industries requiring buildings larger than 200’ wide, including large aircraft hangars, tall seed cleaning plants, indoor recreation facilities, any building that requires gantry cranes, and more. This new building series also allows Britespan to easily engineer a number of custom elements, including side wall heights up to 40’ high and eave heights up to 80’ high, custom eave sizes, and wider end and side entrances. “We can easily customize this structure with different slopes on the roof to meet heavy snow loads, or height restrictions,” says Ben Hogervorst, President of Britespan. “This truss style can also accommodate carrying conveyors directly on the truss.”

The addition of the Rigid Beam model is good news for Britespan’s customers, or anyone in the market for a fabric building. “We are now a company that offers it all, designing, engineering and manufacturing every possible fabric building profile type, and can customize a building solution to exactly what our customer requires,” says Ben.

The engineering and development of the Rigid Beam model came at a convenient time. Britespan had been planning to move their distribution facility from Lucknow, ON to Wingham, ON where the manufacturing facility is also located. The move would allow for better logistics and closer communication between manufacturing and shipping, improving efficiencies and better inventory control.

The new distribution facility is an 80’ wide by 200’ long Rigid Beam building series with a 14’ eave. The roof has the standard 30 degree slope. The one side (road side) has the standard 18” eave, while the back side has a custom 8’ eave to protect inventory from the elements.

“The new distribution facilities purpose is to bring everything together to ship completed buildings to the customer. That includes bolts and nuts, fabric, steel, the works, all out of one central location. All can be assembled and staged so that when the truck comes, it is all ready to go,” says Ben.

As the new distribution facility was also a Rigid Beam prototype, Britespan had the opportunity to demonstrate a number of different building finishes. “Some of the trusses are post-production hot dip galvanized and some are only primed, allowing us to show the difference of what we can supply to customers,” says Ben. The buildings end and side walls are mostly finished with steel cladding, with some of the frame built with wood, and some with steel girts. A section of the one side wall also has been finished with fabric at the top and steel at the bottom, and with fabric from the eave to the ground.

Two thirds of the building is insulated, and the other one third is has no insulation, and just the fabric roof, being the most common finish in fabric buildings. The insulated section is where all of the sorting and packaging of small parts takes place. The uninsulated section is for general storage. The entire poured concrete floor also has in floor heating to ensure a comfortable working environment for staff. “We really used this building as an example of what finishes are available, and what can be done with the building,” says Ben. The building also has a number of overhead doors, man doors, an employee locker room, and offices.

Local media and government attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new distribution facility on Wednesday, August 24.

So what does this tell us about the future of Britespan? Once again, Britespan has challenged themselves to innovate their product line to stay ahead of the industry curve. “This building series is another way to ensure we are meeting the needs and requirements of our varying customers, and solving customer and industry challenges,” says Ben. “We aggressively approach how we service the fabric building market, and I think it speaks to our ongoing success in the industry.”


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