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Britespan Opens State-of-the-Art Fabric Facility

September 5th, 2017 by Britespan Building Systems Inc. No Comments

As Britespan Building Systems Inc. (Britespan) prepares to meet their rapid global growth, the company has once again expanded their manufacturing facilities to include an in-house fabric facility.

Located in the same vicinity of Britespan’s manufacturing and distribution facilities in Wingham, Ontario, the 32,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility will convert 12 foot wide rolls of high quality polyethylene fabric into fabric roofs and end walls used for their steel framed structures.

Using the latest equipment and technology, the facility is a fully insulated modified Britespan Epic building series with in floor heating. The insulation and in floor heating ensures temperature control within the building, allowing for the highest quality fabric welds, resulting in a longer lasting product.

Discussions and plans to construct the fabric facility began in November, 2016. As opposed to outsourcing, an in-house fabric facility will allow Britespan to improve the quality control of their fabric components.

“The new fabric facility ensures that the highest quality product reaches our customers,” says Ben Hogervorst, President at Britespan. “As our volume and growth has continued to increase, this was a natural next step in our progression to be totally self-sufficient in every major component of what we sell.”

The new facility will improve Britespan’s overall manufacturing process by reducing lead times, and creating less risk for communication error between the multiple departments and facilities. The in-house facility will also enable better cost control, a value that can be shared with the customers.

“Having our own fabric facility will allow us to respond to emergencies faster, and to simply give great customer service with overall faster turnaround times,” says Ben.

Britespan’s expansion and growth continues to contribute to Huron County’s manufacturing industry, and the local economy by creating more jobs. “We are committed to both our employees and our community and as such, this was a key factor in deciding to expand locally.”

Britespan has truly become a complete process manufacturer in the fabric building industry. From in-house design, engineering, manufacturing of the steel trusses and components, and now the fabric components. As the company continues to grow and expand in their business, continual improvement will always be a focus.

“Britespan’s growth can be attributed to our staff, their dedication to outstanding service, to our customers, and to the company,” says Ben. “We could not have done it without them.”

The new fabric facility is estimated to open by December 1, 2017.


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